Rotowind - a revolutionary deck hatch!

Innov’Vent have just launched the very first opening deck hatch that can be turned through 360o, helping to create a current of air or expel stale air within a cabin space.

Current deck hatches open using a simple uni-directional hinge mechanism, which do not optimise the aeration of the cabin.


In order to allow the air to enter or leave the cabin, no matter the strength or which direction the wind is blowing, it is necessary to adjust the direction of the opening accordingly, so that air can either be expelled or drawn in.

Innov’Vent, have created a completely new product, the Rotowind,  a deck hatch that can be opened through 360o, promoting natural ventilation in your boat. No need for electric ventilators or other air conditioning; whether you are in port, moored, or even sailing! It is finally possible to have good ventilation without water coming in.

Rotowind is NOW available from the UK Distributor: 

Silent Run Ltd

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